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Is the painting really finished? Some recently signed paintings are!

One unfinished painting in my studio has taken me more than 4 years. And guess what? It is one of the smaller pieces! Knowing when to sign the painting as finished is part of the process, particularly when one is not working off a reference. There is a lot that can happen between the idea forming in the mind and traveling to the canvas. Sometimes it is a fleeting idea- you take it or let it fly by, like landscapes racing by when you are in a car driving. Should I accept that the painting has no timeframe for formation? Or that it has a birthing period connected to my existence? Sometimes I want to say the painting has taken my entire life to come out this way. Other times the idea strongly overlaps with living that I sign it- to create a distance. That way I can breathe and look again. And see with fresh eyes.

Anyway, some themes consistently intrigue me. Is that a pointer to a particular style? I think of the transcience of things, of renewal. Here are some newly signed paintings

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A catalog of works

You can download this catalog of my paintings here. I wrote some text around my process. I hope you enjoy it.


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