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Anthony Nsofor has worked consistently in Painting and Photography since graduating from the Arts Department of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He also was gallery manager at the African Foundation for the Arts, Lagos, and as an Art teacher at Whitesands School, Lagos. He also worked briefly as an art writer for The Comet Newspapers, Lagos, and has written essays for several publications. His writing career led to him create a personal blog in 2008.

 He has exhibited locally and internationally (and frequently participated in the last two decades of exhibitions of artists from the new Uli School). In 2012, he had a significant solo exhibition at the Pan Atlantic University featuring paintings, sound, and photographs.

In 2015, he relocated his studio from Lagos to Oguta, his hometown. He now works between Oguta and Lagos, Nigeria; Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and in the USA- all places where he lives and works concurrently. Nsofor's works actively ask questions of nationality in Nigeria under a nepotistic leader. His work focuses on the Black experience and encounters in Other spaces- with being the black male with all the connotations attached from a troubled history, the politics of being pushed to the periphery, of migrations. An avid traveller, he is fascinated by the cultural conversations happening all over the world. 

Anthony Nsofor is creating more collages and working on building layers of meaning through transposition and projection of images on a surface. He is fascinated by the idea of telling an open-ended story. Presently he is exploring the possibilities of Sound and Video as media for creative work.

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