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Study, body, and story; Naseba Musing

The human body is a summary of everything you see in Nature. There are trees, streams, gardens, hills, and valleys. There is the desert, all expansive and stretching away from view. Again, all these things get charged up. There are wars, and in times of peace, we find love also. The body becomes a temple where God is worshipped- God is lifted before us. The human body becomes delicate, breaking away. The artist tries to hold it together. Maybe make it last for longer- a few hundred years more? Lines swirl and bond into thick blotches. Color is not relevant here. It is about the skeleton within, skimpily clothed with skin. Skin is that velvet meshed like armor, the crocodile’s skin. For us, it is more flexible and yet strong. Mesh, upon mesh, and pores of air and blood. The body is divine. The human form summarizes experience and existence. Form is everything.

Naseba Musing, 79x81inches, acrylic on canvas, 05/23

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