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New Painting: Currents in Heaven, Cauldrons Below

Currents in Heaven, Cauldrons Below (Citizens of Nowhere), 183x91cm, acrylics on canvas, 05/2024

Light pierces through, shifting the perception 

And becoming sculpted visions-

Udechukwu’s layering of paint amazed his neophyte-

Studying the pieces in his Odenigwe studio. 

Imagine that. Now, I ponder my stateless existence 

Suspended in space.

Gazing, I behold a flying creature with wings,

And a broken-off golden trumpet. 

In the ears of all who heard,

The trumpet sounds creasing crimson

Shattering the stillness of the ultramarine sky.

Oh, citadels and neophytes,   

Scampering in tents against eagle claws

Scattering the nest, weird motherhood! 

An incoherent narrative borne of saturated brains

Exposed to the elements? 

Smoking fury and unsettling bills

One pays daily to live half a life. 

The tears of distance, rending the heart,

Of memory haunting, tempting, and questioning

An oracle has gone mad, and the careening bird lost its course-

A new migration line. International bula-balu!



The poem describes the painting Currents in Heaven, Cauldrons Below. Let me explain the use of a few not-so-common words:

  1. Udechukwu- I did my industrial attachment at the Odenigwe studio of Professor Obiora Udechukwu when he was my Painting lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

2. Odenigwe- A town in Nsukka.

3. Bula-Balu- Some incoherent words the President Tinubu of Nigeria used while campaigning for election.


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