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Stories of God and Gods

In Africa, we have many gods, and they work together. Our religion emphasizes the importance of community, ancestors, and sharing. We grew up in a system that supports sharing and the collective. Our saying ‘Igwe bu ike’- reflects our strength in unity. Each person seeks the greater good of others. In contrast, the West promotes monotheism- the belief in the One God, a supreme being. And men fashion themselves after that, lording it over others. They sell one narrative as the Story, one viewpoint as the only perspective. This attitude prefers a long-perpetuated dominance, standing out and above others in egoistic joy. We know better now. We are part of a multiverse. I refuse for my work to show only one side because the heavens touch the earth. All join together- crowds of people represent the aspirations of the collective. Various forces beyond human perception are at work, prompting and promoting the sustenance of the group. Little acts of humanity stand out, but only enough to gain acknowledgment- enough to add meaning to the whole. 

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7 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome work! Deep, and brilliant!


Apr 28

Excellent work! Well done.

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