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Women: Muse, or Victims

Their roles change on various stages. It’s not just Africa or Asia. America and Europe come in, too. Gender inequalities have been embedded in cultures as old as the early Man. Women are a spectacle to behold, receptacles of emotion, laden with age-old history of injustices. The weaker sex? Or the one who has endured the most pains? Who is stronger? Women go a long way.

Unfortunately for them, cultures take a while to be transformed to meet the urgent so needs of our generation. So, the gaps remain, the Yul Bryno movie The King and I is definitely not about the state of women affairs in some exotic, distant place and time. The question is being asked everywhere around us- are women getting their fair share of the apple? At the end, they take the role forced on them by society, becoming masquerades of the real deal, or keep fighting. Anger at age-old conventions and cultures could blind one to see who the real enemy is.Occasionally, they get caught in the wrong fight.

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