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WETIN United(in) United Nations?


Our Civics and Social Studies teachers lied to me about what Democracy truly means, and about the true objectives of the United Nations organisatin. I was not told that their agenda is to rob some nations of their sovereignty, while giving more power to the so-called Super nations. Pro-abortionists, same-sex marriage exponents, anti-religious crowds which gather around the United Nations building in New York seem to be having their say and day. If one man is allowed to express his sexual inclinations openly, why should anyone who feels repulsed by his action is gagged by the State from showing such repulsion? Is there a law for one and a different law for others? Freedom, human rights, liberty of the human being all are words that they speak about. And yet you are forbidden to make the sign of the cross in a public place, or to wear a cross to work! They seem to rejoice at democracy, and yet they have ‘chosen’ lifestyles for their people to be more ‘civilised’. Anyone who thinks contrary is labelled ‘primitive, timid, and ostracised’. There are the British Councils, UNICEFs of this world, all with their hidden agenda of recolonialisation, and neo-colonialisation, and the propagation of western ideals. What is the future of Man-what world will I leave behind for my son Chukwudinma? So much has fallen off the shelf. The fight is against liberalism and arrogant deification of Man, Man as the sole actor in his own future, selfishness and other anti-life vices. Will my son tomorrow choose to be called Chidinma (a female variant of the name), or just decide that my marriage to his mother is archaic? Is there true justice and liberty in a society where one can only express one view, and another sued for speaking against the same view? Where is the First Amendment in God’s own country? _ Sonnie Ekwowusi The meeting with Sonnie Ekwowusi introduced me to his NGO Project for Human Development, a pro-life group with offices in Lagos State; and to the writings of Dr. Douglas Farrow, a Canadian professor. Dr. Farrow wrote the book Nation of Bastards, Essays on the end of marriage, selling now on Amazon. He gives a humanist argument that draws on reason to support his pro-life ideas on issues of same-sex marriage, abortion, etc. The whole institution of Man is under siege, the survival of the species is being endangered, and this ‘uprising will bring out the beast in us’. Nations like Nigeria have clauses in their constitution that allows them to either or reject UN resolutions. Unfortunately, the West can strike back at Nigeria by refusing them aid because they (Nigeria) are not complying with United Nations resolutions. There was the day the British government declared it will withdraw aid to countries that refused to pass the same-sex marriage bill into their law. Nigeria’s economic over-dependence on the West totally weakens its resolve to fight the attacks at its sovereignty; at its people’s cultural leanings. One lesson from the get together with Mr Ekwowusi was clear- one must continue to address the inequalities, the irregularities, and other vices in his society, using social media and the press. There is a chance for success, however slim. There is also the satisfaction of speaking your mind, from a well-formed conscience. We must shout it out, yes, tell them. Rest in peace, Prophet Fela Kuti.


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