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Untitled…When Words are not Enough


Untitled II, 120x120cm, mixed media painting, 04/2016

In times past, one would label a painting’s title as ‘untitled for one of two reasons-maybe one did not think up an appropriate title; or the artist simply forgot to give a title for his piece. A few weeks ago, I made two pieces that didn’t fit this category. The paintings came together as the days passed, growing outwards in ways that I quickly appropriated. One of the paintings was executed wholly in oils, while the other was a mixed media painting. The later was twice the size of the former.

This time around, ‘Untitled ‘ became the device for adding volume to the presence of the paintings. This title (or lack of a specific title, if you want) open-ended the meaning and reading of the artwork. The artist suddenly decided to allow his audience to ascribe meanings. The viewer has joined in completing the creative process, assuming the role of authentic interpreter, and co-interpreter. There is no mystery actually. Sometimes, especially in the times we live in, things don’t have clear-cut answers. The question is the answer. Silence becomes potent, loaded with insinuations and allusions. Truth becomes a many-sided mirror set. What you see is your view. It is intimate.


Untitled, 120 x 73cm, oil on canvas, 04/2016

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