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SIgnature Beyond Galleries’ First Art Auction

As these things go, auctions are a good way of rating/pegging prices of works. So Mister Rahman Akar’s first auction of artworks featuring artists from everywhere opened on the 17th of October, at The Porsche Center, in Victoria Island. Now Signature Beyond Galleries collects and sells art of artists from another sphere outside of the popular. This is where I come in. I usually am mystified by the rare collector who finds my work appealing. They are statements that I take seriously, with a tinge of mad laughter. Imagine my pleasure at being in the gleaming space of Porsche Center, surrounded by super-charged, curved metallic beauties, and Art. The mustangs on the luxury cars seemed to come alive at all the activity, the colours. No music was needed. I grinned happily by my car( put ‘dream’) and oil painting with the longest title on earth-SHE TWIRLED HER HAIR AS SHE WAITED FOR HIM TO SAY THE MAGIC WORDS SHE HAD WAITED FOR ALL HER LIFE!(page 145 of the catalog, Lot number 137) The catalog gives me insight at what is the proposed worth of my painting of similar size in the art market, and you can trust Mr Akar’s  instinct, from decades of doing business in the Arts in Nigeria. General viewing of the artworks is from 18th-19th October, 2014 starting from 10am-6pm on both days. The auction proper opens by 6pm on the 20th at the same venue. For follow up, I may be at the auction to see if we get record prices. I will also hope my painting brings in major money.

Invitation card to SOGAL premiere art auction

Porsche Center, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island


Ndidi Dike with Nana Sonoiki of Art House

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