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Oguta National Convention 2022

There is a proud community of people living in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. We are from Oguta, a local government in Imo State. Oguta consists of a cluster of small villages around the banks of the blue lake, and the Ulashi river. Our village is a popular tourist destination. People have travelled from other parts of Nigeria to see the confluence of the lake and Ulashi river, play golf at the Oguta motel, swim and have picnics. The constant traffic of foreigners visiting has exposed us to other worlds- and at some point, Oguta had the highest number of schools for a village in Southern Nigeria. I have been taking photos of people in Oguta. I own many hard drives of thousands of photographs from events that happened since the past 23 years! Just ask me, and I may most likely have a picture of someone you know from Oguta! There is a lot to say about Oguta, but that is a story for another day. This post will share the photos of people who attended the Oguta National Convention 2022, my first time at the event. For 3 years, the annual event was paused by the pandemic. The branches of members of the Oguta National convention took turns to host. This year’s event was hosted by the Maryland, USA branch. For three days from September 6- 8th, our people flew in from Nigeria, the UK, and many states in the US. The convention included a welcome party, general meetings of the younger generation of attendees and the adults, and a colorful after party. The people spoke about Oguta meetings, growing the membership, of becoming more boisterous after the lull caused by the pandemic. The convention was an opportunity to meet and greet, to discuss projects that will improve the village. All these happened around the Labor Day holiday. It was a delight meeting up with family and friends. There was so much to eat (as is usual at American parties) and the music was fantastic. The vibrant colors of our African attires lit the hall, and we danced till early morning. Now I am hooked. I will pay dues and become an official member. I love being around my people. I took photographs for the 3 days. Now, this post will become longer. Doesn’t a picture speak more than a thousand words? Enjoy. I would like to hear your comments about the article, the event and other ideas for improving our beloved Oguta.

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