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To the creative artist, the duty: It is not just enough to find a way to survive. We must help others on this same path of living. Join me. Better must come.

Absorbing the creative, the fashionable, the bubbly, the lifestyle… it is one thing to know how to recreate appearances, and accept that I only scratch the surface. The portrait speaks of a moment in life. The artist must continue beyond, to present other possibilities. Such suppositions could be daydreaming- prophetic or visionary. Time will reveal which. The time we occupy in space is all but work in progress, for you and me. .

This painting is dedicated to all Nigerian youth as they think of owning the future. Human life is premium. This collage painting was made during the #EndSars riots in October in Nigeria. Those were some awe-inspiring days in 2020. We all rejoiced that the youth still have the fire to rise up for something beyond themselves.

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