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I Did One Hour Watching A Sloppy Movie

It hurts badly when you have worked all day, and hope to chill with some mind-bending exhilarating, inspiring and entertaining movie to close a long day. You cut a piece of some fruit cake that has been chilling in the fridge for moments like this, sort through your movie files and choose one movie to watch because the title has a nice ring that may suit your frame of mind, and press play. Thirty minutes on, the story has taken an uncomfortable twist…forty-five minutes later, you are still glued to your sit, hoping there will be some redeeming element that will make you more comfortable, something that connects to your noblest ideals about what it takes to be truly human.

The movie ended with a ‘happy’ scene about an hour later, and all that sits in your mind is the sadistic grin of the heroine in the movie, whose happy life is pictured in the last frames. I do, I did(2009, directed by Jesse Smith) is the American drama I watched last night, but wish I didn’t. It left me angry and so irritated, wondering who paid for the movie to be shot.I am not even going to waste my mind trying to find out who! I seriously need to read reviews of movies before even thinking of watching them. Did you watch that crap also? I pray never to waste such time again. Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, all sorts of wild ramblings coming from these woods. There should be proper censorship, really.

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