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How a carnival happened.

The Oguta Ameshi carnival just happened a few days ago. The noise had been loud, and the preparations befitting of its billing-a carnival to change our appreciation of fun during the festive season. It was announced that top musical artistes were billed to perform-Wyclef, Timaya and Flavor were rumored to be on the list of performing artistes. An earlier visit to the town saw my cousin Joke preparing a musical jingle for the group of performers who would represent West Coast, a set of streets in Oguta Ameshi town. Different street sections in Oguta Ameshi had had been given funky, stereotypical, or representative names associated with the assumed style( Hollywood, Get Nice, Carlifornia, West Coast, Central District,),character or peculiar trait( Oruru, Plantation, Okposha). On D day, the opening act was a cultural show including masquerades from Oguta and neighboring towns coming out to the arena at Boys and Girls Primary school, Oguta. The second day saw a carnival of people from the above-mentioned areas of Oguta town coming out with costumes to entertain.

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