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Form is not Enough

A new friend asked me the question- why did you move from the figurative to non-figurative works? Two days later, I sent him this reply- “Early on in life one is curious about the ‘real’- the sensually perceived world around. And one tries to capture this life. So, using photographs (particularly digital images) one steps in so close to counting the pores on people’s faces. It is not a pretty task. Soon one realises that this is not enough- there is a knowing part of connecting with humans. Humans are dynamic; we also grapple with the spiritual side. In researching further about Matter we have new information that modified the old theory. Let me apply it to painting. So the possibility of revealing the human by capturing a resemblance was simply not enough. There is more- there are interplays of color, layers of meaning, and gestures that add up to fully reveal the ‘person’. The figurative is like in the beginning, like the skeleton, a building block. To capture form is no longer enough, that is not an end in itself. It is a start. So I went beyond figuration, merging form and void, space and color.””

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