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Flash…or Enduring Success?

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. — Pablo Picasso

Success for the young artist is a most dangerous thing. It is easy to stop working creatively when the applauds gets so loud. The creative muse seems to easily fall captive to the dinge of popularity. Then comes the silent moments of feeling so achieved, self-sufficient and crowned as king. The success of every exhibition is the apex and death of a phase of the artist’s life work. There is the temptation of lingering on the mountain of success for a while- it is safe camp, and the land has yielded its fruit abundantly. The period blocks every new vision and dream. Again, this kind of event is cause for the artist to not live a fully art-dependent life. After all, life goes on from the mountaintop, up or down. One will always prefer the upside of things, always. It takes the sighting of something ephemeral to see beyond. It is also unfortunate because, at this time, the artist is still bloated from recent success. The heady feeling is overwhelming. To begin again, one must also begin new dialogues. One soon discovers how instrumental hunger can become in molding the artist.

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