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Conversations, or The Dying of Languages.

This is an excerpt from a conversation I just had with my friend Suzy. We are both on Blackberry Messenger, and today she woke up to see that I had changed my profile picture to the image above.

Suzy: You’ve done a new painting.

“This is a party setting, I guess?”( She studied Theatre Arts in university, so its easier to think of stories in scenes or settings)

Me: “No-its conversations with people( or better-‘the Dying of Conversations)”

(The title of the mixed media painting is actually ‘LWKMD or The Dying of Languages’)

Suzy: Ok. Its beautiful.

Me: Thanks dear. Its a large piece speaking about how people use acronyms like lol,hbd,lwkmd etc. You find out at some point, that people can’t make proper sentences, or write essays!

Suzy: ‘ That’s true, its beginning to affect me sef.

When I lack what to say, I just use lol.’

Me: At some point, you will have nothing more appropriate to say than ‘lol’! Some people can’t even spell the word ‘laugh’ anymore!

Language improves with usage.

Suzy: “Hahahaha quite true’.

That’s why I try as much as possible to abstain from short words sometimes”. Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Nigeria.

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