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Available Paintings And 50 Years of Art

Updated: Jan 19

Download PDF • 13.43MB

I finally made this catalog of available paintings. I hope you enjoy it and do keep sharing with friends. Thanks to your patronage 2023 was an awesome year. So much has changed and the year ended with a big lift- I was elected Vice President of the Torpedo Factory Artists Association! This position is another reminder from God of the intention and purpose to continue fostering connections, building synergy among so many wonderful creatives, and embracing community. I am constantly on the lookout for curators, art historians, and critics who are curious enough to join in highlighting the works of the artists of the Torpedo Factory Art Center. There is plenty of work to be done, so much breaking down and rebuilding. So 50 years ago this abandoned torpedo-producing factory was into an art/cultural hub and numero uno event space in Virginia (I just thought to add that). And some of the people who started it all (Marian Van Landingham et al) are still here and working at creating masterpieces. 2 things of note- the Torpedo Factory Art Center is a pioneer that many of the art centers in the US were modeled after; also it opened just a year before the National Museum for Women in the Arts in DC! Women and community are natural synonyms.

The city, and all of us artists are excited. We are gearing up for a big celebration. Remember the art center gives free access to the public to watch professional artists and other creatives at work and to see, and purchase finished artworks, souvenirs, prints, etc. Hope to see you all in the coming days as there will be many events. Check out the calendar here- The artists are also creating solo events. I will soon start sending out invites for an art and music performance with friends at the Torpedo Factory.

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