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A Bit Too Much

The acquisition of much does not make one happier. Rather, it seems like a weight is added with each new acquisition. Instead of feeling lighter and happier, each new ‘toy’ is like a huge rock tied to the legs of a soaring eagle, pulling it downwards.

I am a gadget freak, God help me. I am continually amazed at the possibilities in gadgets- our little ‘manmade gods’. But as one acquires more of these gadgets, one becomes more isolated from the crowd. It is easy to think you are entering an exclusive club. But at night, when the day is done, all that one possesses does not really matter. Things go down to the basics for a night rest- a small space with a bed, and some wrapper incase the night gets cold is all that is needed.

The brightness of day comes with quantum opportunities for the mind that will not sleep. It is easy also, to get blinded by the joyful glint of the beautiful day and start forgetting the mundane things. The gift is for the benefit of the many. This gift to see will heal blind eyes, and raise the lame-footed.

Maybe you have more than one coat? There are so many things we keep and never get to use. There is little time to use all that we acquire in this so short life. It’s a good time to share of one’s resources. We came naked, and will leave as we came. Nothing crosses the gate of death to the other side. There is life, and there is death. So there is also a time after death. In the village, the sound of sirens ushering death are constant. Natives from every part of the world come here to find their final resting place. One is reminded often of the last things.

Service to humanity is the only way that the joy can be increased in one’s life. Then the acquisition of many goods will not come with the bitter taste of wantonness. One becomes liberated as one realizes that the gift is for sharing.

It is dawn outside my window. My tiny room is full of many things that one rarely uses. Everyday, I look down into the streets, and hear the conversations of laborers and all sorts of handymen. I see life unfold as people walk by, living out their story in this quiet village. It is easy to stay aloof. It is easy to become involved, to share and change people’s stories. If only one will wake up to see the things that need to be done.

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