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This painting belongs to the series Citizens of Nowhere which I have been building since 2012. The work includes imagery from the apocalyptic visions of Saint John in the Book of Revbelation (The Holy Bible), with the troubling news of wars, a foreboding of a 3rd World war, and other conflicts in the world now. The economic downturn has left so many people uncomfortable with leadership in their respecxtive countries.

Dimensions: 71x58inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Year: 2024

Currents in Heaven, Cauldrons Below

  • Cost of shipping will be borne by the customer. The customer may also choose to pick up the artwork from the artist's studio in Alexandria.

  • Payment using Zelle, credit cards is allowed. Any payment will include an additional state sales tax. At the artist's discretion, a payment plan can be arranged where the buyer deposits 10% of cost of artwork. The artist sends a certificate of authenticity with invoice of deposit, and we agree on an instalmental payment for the artwork over 3 months. 

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